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Where's the future heading? Digital Assets, NFT's, Metaverse & Beyond!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Greetings Visionaries,

Hope you are safe and well, blessed and highly favoured, as you are!

The universe,

The metaverse.

The multiverse...

Interesting are the timespaces, that which time unravels beyond the now, yet always in the now and different nows, like how?

From what it may seem to be, is life shifts and transforms based on the environment, the realities and the complexities... The concept of singularity and stuff (research) through dimensions and paradigms...

Upon reading and listening to research in regards to technology and digital experiences:

Some apparent changes shifting how we are digitally integrated within the current times, especially leading from 2019, 2020, 2021 onwards...

from Board rooms to Zoom rooms, neighbouring to following,

online stories as billboards and so much more...

Literally everything is going digital,

& now with crypto, your assets are online,

Fortnite skins are the new skinny jeans, etc,

If everyone hangs out online all the time,

Then your flexes may also be digital,

Playing this forward the next 10 to 20 years,

We will all most likely be integrated with the metaverse.

The moment in time where digital matters to us than physical,

Our attention, used to be 99% on our physical environments,

TV's dropped that down to 85%,

Computer's down to 70%,

Phones... 50% and so forth,

Questionable yet filled with experiences to be understood.

Our attention from physical to digital,

Where attention goes energy flows,

So the questions within the future.

Bored Apes are now treated with the same if not more respect than a Rolex.

Being our persona's taking a now metaphysical form, fashion is not far after.

The shift in how we live life through the digital age is upon us, awareness is key.

“The Bitcoin of the past has presented itself in thus form; Metaverse, NFT's, one would say, don't regretfully say in the future " Oh... I shouldn't have been so stubborn and slow and just jumped on” - Thought, Feeling...

Interesting things to pay attention to:

  • Digital Assets

  • Crypto Currencies

  • NFT's

  • Digital Land

  • Metaverse(s)

  • Metaverse Coins

  • Meta

  • VR and AR

  • Business and Life in the Metaverse

  • Global Policies and Regulations

  • Altcoins and how 0.0001 to 0.1 is a 1000x

  • Investments and how cashflow is of great importance

  • AI and how we are transitioning the industrial world

Thank you for reading and hope you great blessings on your pathways through life, you are able to shift paradigm by your existence, presences, actions and so much more!

All the best,

Peace and Prosperity,

Blogpost on Digital Innovations,

from The VHQ Team,

Let's have a conversation!

Let's connect, create and build!

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