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Demy Jozeph

Demy Jozeph, Artist, Architect, Fashion Designer and Creative Director within Art, Music, Fashion, Film, Literature, Architecture and much more.

Demy Jozeph as VHQ's Creative Director has curated 2 visionaries art exhibitions in the form of VAE 2022 and RAE 2023, which has has approximately 8-10 artists exhibiting as each exhibition with attendees of 120 plus at both events, building the artists we have worked with and collaborated with from internal VHQ projects to external client projects.

As Demy has a vision and mission for VisionariesHQ to facilitate access to opportunities and development pathways through talks, events, workshops, coaching, consultancy and project management whereby now we aim to build through art and design to alleviate global poverty, one project at a time, envisioning and building the future.

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Demy's Pieces

A collection of Demy's Creative Pieces, explore the collection ans see new and old pieces which have been exhibited, sold, placed or stored, building upon the collection ideas.

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