Innovation and Solutions Company

Our focus is to facilitate opportunities and resources in the area's of education, employment and entrepreneurship through the bespoke services being provided by VisionariesHQ and Co.

Our Vision and Mission

Let's Connect, Create and Build

Innovation and Solutions Company within the fields of Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship, focusing primarily on Personal and Professional Development. 

Our vision is to accelerate the growth of individuals, families and communities.

This being done through practical activities.


Opportunities being at the heart of our endeavours, for ourselves and others, as we envision a better, sustainable and peaceful future.​

We have the vision to bring forth the betterment of humanity, alleviating poverty and facilitating the distribution and access to a wealth of resources, finances and facilities.



VHQ Directors

Demy Jozeph


Viktoria Sesi 

Charlotte Davies 

Alishah Khusal


Our Services

We, Coach, Consult and Project Manage for our Clients.

Facilitating Your Mindset and Ventures to The Next Level.


Coaching of human behaviour that will enable personal development.

To explore and maximise your life's opportunities, potential and performance.

We provide training and guidance to achieve personal and professional goals for you and other learners.



Bespoke strategic approaches for plans, goals and operations.


Providing strategies to produce and develop ideas, plans and projects.


Accountability measures and performance results and reviews, documents and observations.

Project Management

A variety of small to large group exercises and practices.


Activities and opportunities to learn and practice concepts.


The facilitation of building character/self-esteem whilst applying concepts in real life.